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*How to Enroll

The Lemoore Online Enrollment Process for "NEW" ENROLLEES

    • Contact the Lemoore Online Registrar (Melissa Dufur) @ (559) 925-3429 or [email protected] with any questions.
STEP 1. Begin the ENROLLMENT Process
    • Complete the (Link HERE ->) Potential Enrollment Form
    • This digital survey asks important questions about the student, their education, their needs, etc.
    • This will notify the school staff of your intent to enroll.
    • This will also provide the school with your contact information.
STEP 2. WAIT for the REGISTRAR to CALL you
    • Once your Potential Enrollment Form is SUBMITTED our staff will review the form and CONTACT you when we are ready for you to proceed to the NEXT STEP.
STEP 3. REGISTER Online with Aeries
STEP 4. WAIT for the REGISTRAR to CALL you
    • Once you've registered with Aeries our staff will CONTACT you when we are ready for you to proceed to the NEXT STEP.
STEP 5. Attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION w/ the Principal & Counselor
    • We will call you to set up an Orientation Meeting.
    • WHO & WHAT - ALL "new" Lemoore Online students & a parent/guardian MUST attend a mandatory orientation ON CAMPUS with our Principal & Counselor to:
      • Review the student's classes & transcript
      • Review the student's support needs
      • Review the student's post-high school plans
      • Review program RULES & EXPECTATIONS
      • Sign the Master Agreement
    • WHERE - The Lemoore Online Learning Center/Office 555 College Avenue (on the West Hills College campus)
    • WHEN - Orientations are held once a week on Wednesday afternoons. You will receive a DATE/TIME from our staff. 
    • Students will leave this meeting with an "active account" to begin their Lemoore Online educational journey.
    • A teacher will contact the student to arrange teacher-student-parent meetings for the school year.
Students from "Other" Districts:
        • An "Official" Withdrawal Slip (i.e. a drop slip) from the student's previous school with transfer grades (and credits if from another charter)
        • The student's Birth Certificate
        • The student's "Unofficial" Transcript (only for grade 10, 11 or 12)
        • The student's Immunization records