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Principal's Message


Hello and welcome to Lemoore Online. As the Principal of our school I invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you might have about our unique online independent study program designed for students in grades 9-12. As an innovative and 21st century option for students who seek something beyond the traditional high school experience, but who still aim for college and career excellence, we invite you to join us! Come join the Lemoore Online Lynx Family. Come join the #LynxLegacy


At the core of our WASC-accredited educational experience at Lemoore Online is our web-based instructional program fostered by the Edgenuity platform. This innovative and 21st century learning tool offers students a flexible and adaptive online learning experience. Grounded in current educational research and aligned with the California State Standards and the NGSS, our students have access to a rigorous, comprehensive, and college preparatory online curriculum with hundreds of course options. These courses combine direct-instruction videos (which feature “expert, on screen teachers”) with a variety of assignments, performance tasks, and assessments designed to teach, engage and ensure a thorough mastery of the content in each class. As students interact with the program online it adjusts to their needs in terms of content, pace, and rigor. At the same time, our fully-credentialed teaching staff and our Academic Counselor receive “real time” updates about students’ progress.

It is at this juncture that Lemoore Online strives to set ourselves apart. Each Lemoore Online student is monitored by a “mentor” teacher, our Academic Counselor, and our Principal. Lemoore Online students are also required to attend weekly online “Progress Check Meetings” wherein their mentor teacher is available to coach, tutor, motivate and collaborate with the student (and often their family) about their success, their needs, and their goals. In this way, we can customize the learning experience to fit each individual student’s needs. Lemoore Online also boasts a fully-staffed “on-site” educational team located on the Lemoore Online campus which is situated on the West Hills College campus, located in Lemoore, California. Should any of our students need or want to experience our program in an “on campus”/”in person” environment our staff is “at the ready” to offer a supportive and responsive educational program. 

Beyond the core instructional program, Lemoore Online also offers:

  • On-site Tutoring
  • A study lab/quiet space for all Lemoore Online students
  • A Dual-Enrollment Option, in partnership with West Hills Community College, wherein high school students take “college classes” that count for “credit” in BOTH high school and COLLEGE!
  • Academic Counseling
  • Support with completing all LUHSD Graduation Requirements
  • College Counseling (Academic & Financial Aid)
  • Opportunities for Community Service
  • On-campus Clubs
  • Access to the facilities at the West Hills College campus, including: The Student Union (cafe) and the Library
  • Opportunities for “in person” online classes led by our talented team of teachers which offer a wide array of interesting and thought-provoking topics, including: skills review, organization, resume assistance, college info, social-emotional learning, team building, and MORE!
  • A chance to experience the independence and flexibility of an online education while at the same time having an educational support team monitoring your success and offering guidance and support! 


As an educator, I am inspired daily by the possibility of being a part of, or a spark for, a student’s “success story”. From all of us here at Lemoore Online, our Lynx Family welcomes your success and pledges to offer you our C.L.A.W.S. on this path: Communication, Leadership, Accountability, Work Ethic, and Self-Awareness.



Abigail A. Cravins


Lemoore Online College Preparatory High School

Lemoore Union High School District

Lemoore, CA


*Phone: (559) 925-3524

*Office: (559) 925-3433

*Email: [email protected]



*Online *On track *On your way to College & Career Success!

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