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Our Mission, Vision & GOALS

"Lemoore Online College Preparatory High School is to provide a rigorous, web-based curriculum to students who benefit from a non-traditional school environment. Students will receive a standards and research-based college preparatory curriculum in an online, virtual classroom experience along with supports from experienced teachers, counselors, and administrators at our campus-based student support center."
  • Our VISION
"All members of the Lemoore Online community will develop their mental, physical and emotional needs from an individualized education that will aid them in achieving career and academic success."
  • Our GOALS = "Schoolwide Learner Outcomes/SLOs"
***By graduation, all Lemoore Online students will be able to:
  • Be effective Communicators:
    • Be able to demonstrate creative and critical communication skills ( reading, writing, listening and speaking)
    • Demonstrate digital literacy and use technology responsibly
    • Demonstrate that complex text can be read; comprehend and respond utilizing high-level thinking skills
  • Be Critical Thinkers: 
    • Recognize and demonstrate academic, personal and post-secondary goals through continual progress toward CA / LUHSD / Grade Level Standards
    • Demonstrate a growth mindset that defines, evaluates and accomplishes long-term goals through self-reflection
    • Be able to access appropriate and accurate information, then use the information to justify your opinion or respectfully question another's position 
  • Be a Responsible Community Member: 
    • Have a positive work ethic that respects due dates and completes assigned tasks
    • Demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability to both their school and community
    • Understand and demonstrate the ability to be a responsible citizen of good character